Terms & Conditions:

Terms & Conditions: 

All tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE. No exceptions. 

Bestway Charter Transportation, Inc. allows two (2) pieces of luggage per passenger stored under the bus in the luggage compartment. Each customer may also bring one (1) small piece of baggage on the coach also known as "carry-on". Carry-on baggage would include items such as a backpack, small duffel bag, computer bag, shopping bag, any bag larger than a tablet. 

Please make sure you are waiting at the bus stop 15 MINUTES prior to the departure time. Tickets must be presented when boarding. Passengers who arrive without a ticket are subject to forfeiting their fare and losing their reservation. Photo ID is required.

 In the case of an emergency, or if for any reason a passenger must get off the coach, please let the driver know. The driver will stop at the nearest & safest location/exit. 

Trips will be operated by Bestway Charter Transportation, Inc. in either a Gray or White 56 passenger coach bus, or 20-29 passenger mini coach. Please check with each bus that arrives to your pick-up point to ensure that you are boarding our bus. We reserve the right to use a motor coach & mini coach. Our mini coaches are not restroom equipped. If the vehicle is not restroom equipped the driver will make a restroom stop on request at the nearest available location. 

Any form of inflammatory, disrespectful, or otherwise distracting speech directed toward a driver or fellow passengers will not be tolerated. The driver has the right to refuse any passenger whose conduct is disrespectful. 

Wi-Fi is provided, but not guaranteed.

Remove all trash before exiting the coach bus 

No pets allowed (only service animals will be allowed) 

Please check all personal possessions before exiting the coach bus. Bestway Charter is not responsible for lost or stolen property.